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Who do you usually buy from?

The situations vary as much as the houses do, but here are the typical situations we encounter:

  • Inherited a house and do not need it

  • House needs repairs owner is not willing or able to make

  • House has tenants that are making the owner's life a living hell

  • Owner is relocating to another area and needs to sell

  • Buying another house and need to sell existing house first

  • Going through a divorce and need to sell a house fast

  • Don't want to deal with hassles of selling the house using an agent

  • Don't want to wait months for their house to sell

  • ..and many, many more.

Regardless of your situation, the level of repairs needed, the location of the house, we'd like to make you an offer to buy it.


Will I have to pay for you to come to my house and make an offer?

No, absolutely not. We do not charge you anything to visit your house and make you an offer. In fact, if we can't come to an agreement on price to buy your house, you're under absolutely NO obligation to accept it. You've got nothing to lose.

How do you determine how much you can pay for my house?

How much we can pay is determined by what other similar houses are selling for in the area. The cost to perform the repairs needed on the house are also taken into consideration. We have construction crews that perform the work on the houses that give us good prices. This allows us to be able to keep our costs down and offer you more for your house.

Am I restricted to selling to you, or obligated in any way, if I call or submit my information to your website?

Absolutely not! You are not obligated to do anything with us if you do not wish to. You will not be charged anything.

How long does it take for you to evaluate my house?

Not long at all. We can usually walk through a house and determine what we can offer on the spot. We are able to do this so fast because we come prepared. Before we visit your house, we will have already done a lot of research on the house and what others are selling for in the area. You won't have to wait long at all to see what we can offer you.

If I submit my information to this website, how long will it take to get a response?

If you submit your information to this website during normal business hours (any day of the week, between 8:00am and 5:00pm), we will usually contact you the same day. If you submit your information after hours, we will contact you first thing the next morning (unless it's Sunday. In that case, we will contact you either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning).

Do you pay fair prices for properties?

Yes, we pay fair prices for real estate. If we did not pay fair prices, then people would not sell us their property. However, we cannot pay more than a house is really worth. If you have a house that looks like it is from the Brady Bunch era, then it will probably require a lot of updating. And that costs money. So we would not be able to pay you top dollar for a house that needs thousands of dollars of work. But we still buy those types of houses. We just have to pay a reasonable price. And we try to help with whatever needs you might have (like helping with moving, or finding a new home, etc.)

We give people fair offers. And we can close in a matter of days, not the typical months like other closings. We try our best to create an offer that will work for you. Of course, you will not be obligated to accept our offer. But at least you’ll find out how much you can immediately sell your house for without waiting months to see if another buyer comes along.

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