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How Do I Sell My House In Harford County, Maryland Fast?

We Offer Cash For Houses Fast! And Here’s How

The Process Is Very Simple

Fill Out Our Quick Form
We Set An Appointment And See The House
We Make You A No Obligation Cash Offer

How does the process work for you to buy my house?

The process is very simple.

  1. Call us directly at 443-616-5486 or click on the button below that says 'I Want To Sell My House' and we will call you

  2. We will set up a time to come by and see your house when it is convenient for you

  3. While at the house, we will be able to calculate a cash offer to buy your house

  4. Once we agree on a price and date to close, we will sign a Purchase and Sale Agreement that we will take to Title Company

  5. Title Company will prepare the proper paperwork and we will close on the date we agreed upon

  6. You get your cash! (Title Company will wire the money directly to your bank account)

Selling Your House in Maryland Can Be A Quick And Simple Process

  • Easy Outs Homes buys houses in and around the Harford County, MD and surrounding areas. We do NOT list houses because we are not a real estate brokerage. We are a professional house buying company.

  • We’re able to close quickly because we can pay with all cash. That means that we do not use banks or mortgage companies. Banks are just too slow. they do not move fast enough to help people who are in stressful times.

  • We do not charge fees or commissions. So that money will stay in your pocket.

  • We buy houses in “As Is” condition. So we will not ask you to fix, repair, or remodel.  We have crews that will do those things after we buy the house. That will save you time and money.

Told You… It is Easy 

To sell your home fast for cash in Maryland

But first, we want you to educate yourself on how the house buying process works from start to finish before you decide what your best options are. 

Read below to learn more on how this works...

Get Cash For Your House. 

So You Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash!

                                                                                                                                                                                       … And Still Want A Fantastic Offer!

Here you are, wondering “How do I sell my house fast in Maryland for cash“, thinking that these MD house buying companies will give you an insultingly low price for your house. All these Maryland home cash buying companies give offers in 24 hours, and some even give offers without even setting foot in your property.

Yeah… right!

Believe us, those other offers are inflated offers to discourage you to look for more offers from other companies. They will try to have you sign a contract and after the contract is signed they will attempt to lower the offer using the results of an inspection. But don’t Fall For That!

Don't do it the wrong way. Let us show you the right way!

How We Make Our Offers To Buy Your MD Home

It’s In Our Best Interest To Give You Our Highest Possible Offer.

We Buy Houses” companies will often try to get you the lowest possible offer. This doesn’t make any sense to us. We spend time and effort doing your home analysis so we can get you cash for your home in MD. We spend time and money driving to properties all over Maryland. All these services are 100% FREE to you! No one will accept a low offer and we would have spent so much time, money and effort for nothing.


“Easy Outs Homes LLC” stays in business by getting offers accepted, and the only way to do that is to give offers you’ll be happy with! We truly do our best to give you the highest possible offer we can give. Now you know why we have such raving reviews! 🙂

Our Offers Are Based On After Repair Market Value of your house!

This simply means, we look at what the value of your home would be, after it is fixed up. And we will calculate your offer based on After Repair Value of your house!

How Exactly?

  • Well, imagine you have a house that you want to sell…

  • Now, also imagine your neighbor, has the exact same, identical house as yours, except for a few upgrades he made… say, he added granite counter tops, removed wallpaper, applied a fresh coat of paint, put a new roof on, and put hardwood floors in. 

  • Now Imagine he sold his house for $300K.

What Do We Know Now?

Well, we know, that If we make the same upgrades to your house (AFTER we buy it from you of course), bringing the house to a very similar condition as your neighbor’s house, we would also be able to sell it for $300K.


We know the Market value of your house if we fixed it up (in this case $300K), and we know the cost of repairs/upgrades. We can now make an offer that works for us. If this offer also works for you, great we close and you get your money at closing! As you can see, we make offers based on the market numbers, not based on how desperate you may or may not be to sell. 

The Offer:

All you math lovers out there, will appreciate this section. We value honesty and transparency. We have no issues sharing with you how exactly we formulate our offers.

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]


But in order for you to understand this we need to define some terms.


After Repair Value (ARV): This is what the market value of your house will be AFTER we buy and renovate the house. Yup we are just like your favorite HGTV flipping show.


Cost Of Repairs (COR): This is what our cost will be fixing/updating the house AFTER we purchase it from you.


Our Selling Costs: Although we buy houses without involving agents, we on the other hand, have to use an agent to sell that house again AFTER we have purchased it from you and fixed it up. So we have to pay agent fees, closing costs, taxes, holding costs etc. These are all the fees you do NOT have to pay, if you sell your house directly to us ;). This is usually 10% all together of selling price. (Our Selling Cost = 10% x ARV)


Our Minimum Profit: Yeah, this IS a business after all, and we wouldn’t be able to stay in business, buy more houses, pay contractors, plumbers etc, if we didn’t make some sort of profit. However, we keep this to an absolute minimum so we can present you with the highest possible offer. See, our business model is structured around making many deals with a little profit per deal, and not a few deals with a huge profit per deal. This benefits all.

Let's make it easier to understand!!


So what does this formula mean in plain English? Simply this:

The market value of the house (after we fix it up), minus ALL our costs fixing it up (including our profits), will be the offer. How simple is THAT! Congrats, now you are an expert at this! But want to be sure you understand it?

Here Is An Actual Case Study...

Let’s take an actual house we recently bought and share with you how it happened.

 1. Let’s say this is your house in its current condition:

kitchen before.jpg
basement before.jpg

Not bad right? OK it could use a bit of sweet tender loving but not too shabby. It is just outdated…

2. Now remember, your neighbor with the exact same house as yours? He got a new roof, updated the kitchen and bathrooms, put granite in, removed carpets and put in hardwood flooring? Well, this is what his house looks like after he did the changes:


3. Well, no wonder he sold it for $300K, it is gorgeous! WOW!

In order for us to also be able to sell your house (well, our house after we buy it from you) for $300K, we need to bring your house to the same condition as the house of your neighbor, or better, so that we can also sell it for $300K!


Because we will not be able to sell the house in this current state for $300K when all the other houses that are currently for sale in your area look as gorgeous as your neighbor’s. Would you as a buyer be interested in buying a house in lesser condition for $300K when a much nicer house sells for the same price? No, of course not!


So an obvious next question you’d ask, would be:

OK, if the house after it is completely fixed and updated would sell for $300K, for how much would it sell as is?

Sell My House In MD For Cash Or Should I List It As Is?

Let’s say you contacted an agent and she/he says, that your house as is, in its current condition is worth $190K. Now you have contacted the most awesome, friendly, amazing, highest ranking house buyers in all of Maryland… (us.. duhhh)! If you have not,… well, shame on you, you really should!

We would come in, with our contractor and if we can, our agent. (We bring our contractor and our agent to the walkthrough, so that our agent tells our contractor what needs to be fixed (as he/she knows what buyers are currently looking for) and what does not need to be fixed (to save on the cost of repairs)).

Our agent: tells us, that we need granite countertops, because the neighbor across the fence that sold his house for $300K, also has granite, as well as hardwood floors, removing wallpaper, installing new appliances etc.

Our contractor: gives us an accurate COR (Cost Of Repairs).  See, we know exactly what we will do to the house the second we are done with the walk-through and we have already completed the flip in our imagination and we know exactly what all the numbers will look like.

kitchen before.jpg
kitchen after

The more accurate these numbers the more accurate (and the higher) your offer will be! Let’s say our contractor gives us a cost of repairs of $70K.

Now We Are Ready To Make You An offer!

Here are the numbers:

As-Is Value = $190K

ARV (After Repair Value) = $300K

COR (Cost Of Repairs) = $70K

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $300K = $30K 

Let’s say Our Minimum Profit For This Purchase = $40K

[Your Offer] =  [ARV] – [COR] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Your Offer = $300K – $70K – $30K – $40K = $160K

Your Offer = $160K

Analyzing The Offer


So, the house is worth $190K as is,  meaning if you listed it with an agent you could sell it for $190K. Yet after 6% agent fees and closing costs you would probably get about $174K for it, after it will be on the market for 4? 5? months! And no one can guarantee the house will actually sell.

So now you have to make a decision.

Sell it for a guaranteed sale for $160K in as little as 10-20 days, or a “maybe sale” for $174K hopefully within 4 to 5 months.


~Decisions, decisions..


What If The Cost Of Repairs Was $30K Instead Of $70K?

Now things get interesting! Now the offer becomes:

As-Is Value = $190K

ARV (After Repair Value) = $300K

COR (Cost Of Repairs) = $30K

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $300K = $30K 

Let’s say Our Minimum Profit For This Purchase = $40K

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Your Offer = $300K – $30K -$30K – $40K = $200K

Yup! That is $10,000.00 MORE than what the house is currently worth, and almost $30K more than what you would get if you had listed it with an agent (remember that you would only get $174K after all listing and agent fees).  Again, our offers are based on the numbers, not on how desperate you are to sell.

Want to know what YOUR numbers look like?

You have nothing to lose getting an offer from us. It is 100% FREE


Why Our Offers Are Better.



Yes we know, we know. Everyone says this. But we will do better. We will show you why this is true, or at least we try to make this true 😉

See, the reason our offers are so fantastic, is because our offers are based on the value of your house as if it were completely fixed up and updated. Yes we figure out how much your house would be worth if it was completely updated.  Then we factor in the cost it would take to fix or update your home.



You see, here is where the cost of repairs comes in. If we can keep the cost of repairs down, we can obviously give you more cash for your MD house, as previously explained using our equation above.

So,… we try to do as much work ourselves so that we do not have to pay expensive contractors to do everything. Well, isn’t that nice of us!

Obviously we can not always do this as we buy sooooooo many houses at a time, but we can genuinely try to keep contractor numbers as low as possible so we can get you the highest number for your house in cash here in Maryland.

Why do we go out of our way to give you the highest possible offer?

Well, think about it! If we can give you more than our competitors can, you will sell to us. And that is what we want. The more houses the faster we can help others with our mission.

Here Are A Few Questions We Keep Being Asked:


How Do You Sell A House By Owner (FSBO)?


Selling your house yourself is doable. It takes a lot of work and research but it is absolutely doable.

  • First you need a solid understanding of your market.

  • Find out how much the house is worth as is. Do not just think your house is worth a lot because you like it! Sellers often think their house is a lot more worth because “it is prettier than my neighbors”.

  • Pay for a flat fee to list the property on the MLS.

  • Learn how to effectively market the property.

  • Learn how to negotiate effectively

  • Hold open houses and learn how to handle the tough questions asked during the open house.

  • Make sure you know all your laws in your area pertaining to real estate transactions!


Are There Closing Costs When Selling By Owner?

Yes, there will be costs associated if you sell your house yourself. Attorney fees, closing costs, holding costs, title insurance, escrow costs, and more of the house for as long as you own it. As you are selling it yourself however there will not be any agent fees. The other costs however still are significant.

We Are Cash Home Buyers In Maryland

Easy Outs Homes LLC,  buys houses in Maryland. We are House Cash Buyers In MD. We change the traditional way of selling your house to make it easier for you. We do not rely on bank approvals and appraisals. We buy as is and can close quickly. You don't have to pay agent fees or commissions. We can buy your house right now and can close immediately! If you want to see what we can offer fill our form.

We at “Easy Outs Homes” value honesty, integrity and transparency. Therefore, we show you exactly how it works, what to expect and what timeframe we are working with. If you need to sell your house in Maryland fast, we truly believe we are a great option! Remember, no repairs, no agent fees or commissions and we buy in any condition! Even if you are facing foreclosure we can help stop it. Don’t wait, give us a call!

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