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Can I sell my house during divorce without agent in Maryland?

Yes, you can sell your home during divorse without an agent. There are no laws requiring home buyers or sellers to use agents. Since there are technical steps involved in real estate transactions – like legal paperwork – many sellers choose to use an agent to make things easier.

If you decide to sell your home without an agent, you’ll need to do the extra work to find the right buyer. If your home is priced right, an offer will typically come through in 30–45 days.

You can reach out to companies who buy homes as-is for cash in Maryland and get a fast cash offer on your house and sell in a matter of days.

If you have an amicable divorce and the house is in good shape you might consider selling with the agent.

Here is the detailed process of selling a house during a divorce in Maryland:

  1. Make home improvements.

  2. Hire a real estate agent specializing in selling properties of couples in divorce.

  3. Divide the cost of staging the house and marketing between the two parties.

  4. Set a price that both parties agree with.

  5. Accept an offer that both parties agree on.

  6. Split the sale of the house.

There are several options for dealing with the family home during a divorce, including selling the home and dividing the proceeds, one spouse buying out the other’s share of the property, or keeping the home and delaying the sale until the children are grown.

But if both parties can't agree on how to split the property repairs and upkeep and if you just want to sell your house in Harford County, Maryland and surrounding areas during divorce fast it might be better to consider selling to a cash buyer like Easy Outs Homes.

If you are going through divorce in the court - the judge might have already ordered to sell on mls with an agent and get the home value. There are different methods to determine the value of your home. One method is to hire a professional appraiser who looks at many factors to estimate the home value. Another method is to calculate the assessed value by using the market value and the assessment rate of your property. A third method is to consider the fair market value, which is what your home looks like to prospective buyers compared to other homes in the area. You can use the sale price of similar properties or work with a real estate agent to find the fair market value.

You can also use online home valuation tools that rely on recent sales in your area to determine your home’s value.

But that is good for the houses in good condition. What if your house is not in such a good shape because of the divorce situation and you don't want to really put the house for sale on mls and have lots of people walking through your house? Then the answer is to sell your house during divorce to a real estate investor for cash, as they will buy house in as is condition (no fixing or cleaning required) and they won't judge.

If you are going through a divorce and have a house to sell in Harford County, MD and surrounding areas - contact us- Get a no-obligation cash offer on your house Today! - just fill this form or call 443-616-5486

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