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Sell house in Harford County, MD without listing it

What are off-market listings?

Off-market listings have an air of exclusivity for both the seller and buyer — sellers are drawn to the private, streamlined process that will often net them at least asking price from serious buyers, while buyers enjoy elite access to off-market inventory. Exclusivity aside, we’re taking a closer look at how an off-market transaction differs from listing your property the traditional way (i.e., on the MLS). Here’s some key information to know.

Who should sell off-market?

Why? For starters, it can be easier. If your home is in disrepair, you have a horder situation, embarassed or just simpli don't want a lot of strangers walking through your house it is easier to sell off market to a cash buyer like Easy Outs Homes.

The advantages of selling off-market

The main advantage is that the seller has anonymity. There is basically no press on the property and little to no exposure. So if you can’t bear the thought of a huge for-sale sign gracing your home’s front yard, selling off-market might suit you. The most obvious difference between the two approaches is the level of flexibility that they offer. When you sell a house off market, the transaction is conducted on your own terms. As a matter of fact, you have total control over who can see your house and you can be as selective as you want when screening potential property buyers. There are several reasons why a property owner might prefer to keep the sale off the radar. For example, some people would like to avoid having photos of their property plastered all over the web. Others simply don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they’re selling their property. Another reason to consider selling an investment property off market is to avoid alerting an existing tenant. Avoid disturbing renters. If you own a property that has one or more renters living within the building, you might prefer a private listing that limits the number of showings that might be required in a full market listing.

The disadvantages of an off-market sale

You might not get the best price but you also don't have to do much work, orspend money either.

Consider selling to a house flipper

Flippers are real estate investors that purchase properties with the intention to renovate and resell properties for a profit.

Look for buy-and-hold investors

Buy-and-hold investors purchase real estate properties as a means to strengthen their portfolios. As the name suggests, these investors hold onto properties for an extended period.

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