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Sell house now as is in Harford county, Maryland

You can skip this expensive repairs by selling your house as is in Maryland. Without spending a dime on repairs, you can get cash offers of up to 100% of your home’s Fair Market Value.

Easy Outs Homes offers a convenient way to sell your house stress free!

What Does Selling a House As Is in Maryland Mean?

Selling a house “as is” refers to selling a property in its existing condition without any upgrades or improvements. You don’t need to fix any defects, even if they are mentioned in the home inspection report.

When you sell as is, being upfront about all property issues is important. You have to disclose every material defect that affects the property’s value in the seller’s disclosure. A buyer can drop out of the deal if you have falsified the disclosure.

How to Sell a House As Is in Maryland?

A fair listing price is vital to attract competitive offers for your ‘as is’ home sale. With these 5 steps, your as-is house sale in Maryland can be a breeze:

1. Know Your Home Selling Options

You have four options when selling your house as-is in Maryland:

  1. List on a Cash Marketplace: Cash marketplaces offer maximum exposure for your home – typically via the MLS. This includes exposure to We Buy Houses for Cash companies in Maryland.

  2. Sell a House As Is for Cash in Maryland: Cash home buyers make all-cash offers within 24 to 48 hours.

  3. Sell Your Home As Is By Owner: Selling a house in Maryland by owner is a DIY approach to getting your home sold. A Maryland MLS listing service can help you get your home on the MLS and sell your house without Realtor commissions.

  4. Sell Your House to House Flippers: House flippers in Maryland are always on the lookout to purchase investment properties. You can offload your home as-is to a flipper. The home flipper will renovate and re-sell the house for a profit.

2. Make Minor Repairs

The number of repairs your home requires is inversely proportional to the property’s fair market value. So, you can try to make high-ROI repairs to enhance its value. This may include fixing a squeaky doorknob, replacing a leaky washbasin pipe, etc.

3. Conduct a Pre-listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections will help you avoid violating your Maryland seller disclosure laws. Hire a professional Maryland home inspector to determine the unknown defects present in your house. This will prevent disputes with the buyer agent on unknown issues that may arise later.

4. Fill Out the Seller Disclosures as Accurately as Possible

Maryland’s seller disclosure statement has several sections related to property condition. Each section contains questions based on the property’s defects and features. If you hide any defect knowingly or unknowingly, you might end up in lawsuits, lose money, and damage your reputation.

Maryland laws require sellers to maintain the property till closing as it was on the effective date of the real estate contract. If found guilty of a violation, the buyer can walk away from the sale without any legal obligations.

5. Be Thorough With the Real Estate Contract

You need to fill out the “AS IS” Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase to sell your house as is in Maryland. Remember, home shoppers will be thorough with the real estate contract and will:

  • Inspect the Maryland property

  • Negotiate repairs or treatments in future amendments or

  • Terminate the contract during the option period

Can Home Buyers Back Out of an As Is Contract In Maryland?

There’s a 15-day inspection period for the buyer to inspect the property. During this period, the buyer may choose to back out of an as-is offer without any penalty or losing the deposit money.

If the seller withholds or under-reports costs, they are required to fulfill the repair requirements as mentioned in Section 9 of the Standard Real Estate Contract.

How Much Do I Lose Selling My Home As Is in Maryland?

If your property needs significant repairs, and you’re selling “as is”, you will limit your buyer pool to investors. Investors typically pay between 30% to 70% of the property’s FMV.

If your property is in good condition, you can sell it at or just below its Fair Market Value.

Should I Sell My House As It Is in Maryland?

We recommend selling your house as is in Maryland. This is because “fixer-upper homes” sell for less than turnkey homes. Moreover, 68% of millennials prefer to buy an ‘as is’ home.

If you’re still hesitant about selling, here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

✅ Pros

  • No Haggling Over Repairs: Water-damaged kitchen countertops, dripping faucets, or broken roofs – repairs are not your concern. The flipper or investor buying your Maryland house as-is will take care of such repairs.

  • No Inspection Contingency: On average, home sellers shell out $14,000 in seller concessions related to home inspection. In an as-is sale, you can pre-set a discount and tell buyers you are unwilling to negotiate further.

  • Hit the Market Quickly and Sell Fast: Since you save time in repairs, you can list your property directly for sale. You can close the sale relatively sooner if you find a buyer who has a mortgage preapproved for distressed properties.

❌ Cons

  • Below Fair Market Value: As stated earlier, you will most likely sell to a cash buyer. Cash home buyers offer only 50% to 70% (or even less) of the FMV.

  • Negative Buyer Assumptions: Buyers may assume that your property has serious defects, which may not necessarily be true. This assumption negatively affects the offers your house attracts.

  • Mortgage Challenges for Buyers: Maryland mortgage lenders typically do not finance properties with structural or safety issues. FHA loans, VA loans, and many conventional mortgages usually do not allow financing for fixer-uppers.

Selling a Home As Is in Maryland Near You

Can I Cancel an As Is Real Estate Contract in Maryland?

Yes, you can terminate the contract if the buyer fails to get the mortgage pre-approved within the specified number of days. The buyer can terminate the contract if the property is unacceptable to them during the inspection period.

Typically, there’s no lawful duty to meet specific MPRs when selling an as-is home. You can disclose any known defects and let the buyer decide if they’re acceptable.

Bottom Line

Selling your house as is can help you save thousands of dollars. It can also help you save a lot of time if you’re selling your home for cash. But there’s a tradeoff. You will receive a lowball cash offer of up to 70% of your home’s FMV.

Cash-buyer like Easy Outs Homes can help you get up to 100% of your home’s FMV.

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