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      Do You Need to Sell an         Unwanted Rental Property?

  • Sell Fast Whether Tenant Occupied or Not

  • Total Discretion Regarding the Sale

  • Receive a Top Cash Offer for Property

Fixing the Sink

Do you need to sell a rental property fast?

Dealing with nightmare tenants, or the demands of a rental has soured the profession of landlording for you. Or perhaps, you're just looking to liquidate an income property you don't want anymore to invest in other business opportunities.

If any of this sounds like you, you're in the right place:

  • Your rental keeps falling apart, because the plumbing, air conditioning, or electrical are out of date.

  • Code violations or structural issues have made your rental property nearly uninhabitable.

  • Your tenants came through your rental like a cyclone, damaging everything on the way out.

  • You’re formally evicting your tenants and looking to sell before their final notice runs out.

  • You’re moving onto a new business venture that requires you to sell your unwanted properties for cash.

Why stress for months?

There's no reason to stress or wait for months trying to sell a rental property when your rental could be sold within the next 7 days.

Call Now: 443-347-3556

Why sell your rental property to cash home buyers like us?

Real estate agents aren’t as compassionate as we are when it comes to unwanted rentals. They’ll expect you to do and change a lot before your property can be listed. We’d like to help you skip that whole debacle. We approach the sale process from a different perspective, and our perspective benefits you.

  • Drug damage doesn’t bother us. We purchase and clean up properties that tested positive for meth contamination.

  • We’ll purchase the property even if the non-paying tenants living there haven’t moved out yet.

  • If your tenants left the place a mess, we’ll clean it up. You don’t have to hire a crew to come in.

  • We’ll handle all the repairs to the property – including the expensive ones you couldn’t take care of.

  • We close fast, and you can have your money in as little as 7 days, or whenever you need.

The quickest way to sell your rental property fast

When you sell to us, we work for you. We’ve worked with a lot of landlords who have dealt with unsavory tenants. We know how the story goes.

Your tenants drive you crazy every time they need the smallest thing, but they’re nowhere to be found the day the rent is due. They’re insisting those holes were in the wall the day they moved in, and they forgot to tell you they had five large dogs.

You don’t have to deal with it anymore. Sell the house for cash to us, and we'll help you move on to better things and investments.

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