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      Do You Need to Sell your Harfor County House Fast?


     Without Stress or Hassle

  • Simple Process

  • Can Help You With Moving

  • Get Fast Cash and Peace of Mind

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Why a Sell My House Now Option May Be Right For You

Have you ever asked yourself, “What do I need to do to sell my home?” Perhaps, your home has been on the market for some time and you were wondering, “How can I sell my house fast?” These are common questions that you may encounter when wanting to sell your home. If you are wanting to sell a house fast, then Easy Outs Homes has some options for you!

It is important to remember that selling your house for cash is a great strategy if you want to move quickly. You will not pay commissions to a realtor because the process is streamlined. You will get an offer for your house "as-is". If you accept, you will receive your cash in a matter of days.

There are various reasons why you may be looking for an easy way out from under your home. 

Home You Inherited

Many times, a home is left to you when a family member passes away. In some cases, this may not be a good thing because a home comes with many responsibilities. Perhaps it is co-inherited and that makes the situation even more complex. Rather than trying to rent the home out that may be in need of repairs, you may choose a quick sell option.
This is an option that works well for everyone involved. Easy Outs Homes works with many families who have inherited homes. Often times, the home that is inherited has a lot of issues and it is not worth the time or money that will be invested in it. If you have inherited a home, you may be finding yourself looking for a quick sell option.


We all reach a point in our lives where we want to minimize the clutter and the responsibilities that we have. Downsizing is a popular reason that you may be looking for a “sell my home now” option. It becomes harder to take care of a big home as you age, and many aging homes require a lot of fixing up in order to enter the real estate market. It doesn’t matter what shape your home is in, Easy Outs Homes is willing to offer you a “sell my house now” option by giving you an offer quickly.

If you have already found a replacement home, then you may need to sell your current home so that you do not get into a financial bind. Doing a quick sell will allow you to move into your retirement home with ease. The “sell my home now” option offered by Easy Outs Homes is the perfect solution. Minimize your responsibilities now by finding out how we can help you.

What to Consider Before Selling Your House for Cash

Research is important and necessary when selling a home, regardless of the sale method you choose. By gathering all the right information, you can ensure you find the solution that works best for your unique circumstances. Ultimately, doing your research will help you walk away from your property feeling like you made the right choice.

At Easy Outs Homes, we always recommend potential clients to consider several important factors before selling a house to a cash buyer.

How Long You’re Willing to Wait for an Offer

There are a range of reasons why someone might want to sell their home fast—from being relocated for a job, to unexpectedly inheriting a property they have no desire to live in or wanting to finalize a troublesome divorce.

Whatever the reason, when you're looking to move on to the next stage of your life, how long you're willing to wait for your house to sell is a weighted question. Depending on the market and the home conditions, your house could sell quickly… or it could be sitting on the market for months. There's no guarantee, and no way to tell. 

If you’d rather sell your home with certainty, sooner rather than later, a cash offer real estate contract may be the best option for you.

How Much Work Is Needed to Sell

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into selling a home the traditional way with a real estate agent. There’s packing, renovating, fixing up the house, listing photoshoots, home staging, and open houses—the list goes on. The only way to avoid these obligations is to opt for a “sell house for cash” program. 

These programs, like the one we offer at Easy Outs Homes, provide you with a fair cash offer based on the current condition of your home—no cleaning or prep work required. We work with you along every step of the way based on your unique selling situation.

Who Cash Home Buyer Programs Are Right For

If you want a simple and hassle free sale, selling a house to a cash buyer is definitely for you! Cash home buyer programs work best for sellers who need to move out fast, want an easy and stress free sale, who need to resolve a housing situation in order to move on, and those who don't want to—or can't—invest money into necessary renovations and repairs.

Easy Outs Homes is here to help sellers in those situations. We offer a competitive price for your house as is, no matter its condition, saving you the time and stress that would have gone into trying to sell on the market.

So, what’s the benefit? A cash buyer has the funds to make the purchase. You also get a guarantee that the sale will go through. When you list your home on the market through a real estate agency, the offer you receive might be contingent on loan approval— meaning the deal could potentially fall through. That's never the case with selling a house to a high-tech real estate cash buyer like Easy Outs Homes.

Also, when you sell your home to a cash buyer, you know they can process the payment much more quickly because they aren’t relying on lenders or third parties. This means that your house is sold fast, and you're free to move on to your next place!

What is an iBuyer?

Instant buyers (aka iBuyers) are cash home buyers who use technology to immediately make an offer on a property. The term represents a demographic of home buyers that emerged around 2014, when real estate investment companies began masterminding ways to streamline the home buying process.

Before long, these real estate investment companies were able to use advanced algorithm-driven technologies to accurately assess the market value of a particular property.

In a nutshell? An iBuyer uses cutting-edge technology to access information about your home and analyze its value without ever setting foot on your property.

What Are the Benefits of Working with an iBuyer?

If you’ve wondered “How can I sell my house for cash?” there’s a good chance, you’ll want to consider working with an iBuyer like Easy Outs Homes. There are many advantages associated with selling to an iBuyer: 

Easily Request an Offer Online

With iBuyers like Easy Outs Homes, you don’t need to visit an office or negotiate with an agent. Instead, you can request an offer on your property in just a few clicks. It’s so simple and convenient that you can even do it from the comfort of your couch!

No Need for Showings

Another positive of going with iBuyers like Easy Outs Homes "sell house for cash" program is that you get to skip the time-consuming showing process. Keeping your home immaculate can quickly turn into a full-time job—especially if you have children. And besides, you just want to be able to enjoy your downtime without being disrupted by a last-minute viewing.

Working with iBuyers like Easy Outs Homes, you never have to show your home to potential buyers. You'll work with real estate experts who will conduct a single assessment and then you’re done! 

Forgo Financing

Even when you have an offer on the table, it could be weeks or more before you actually have cash in hand. Typically, this is because the buyer is waiting for approval on a mortgage loan from a financial institution, or they are rearranging things financially to secure a down payment. This situation isn’t a concern when you sell your house for cash with an iBuyer like Easy Outs Homes. We already have the money, so there’s no approval process!

The Best Way to Sell Your Home 

Wondering how to get started selling your house for cash? All you have to do is complete the three simple steps listed below.

  • Send Us Your Info

    We’ll need a few details about your property before we can provide you with your cash offer. You can submit these details via our online form or you can give us a call. It only takes a few minutes for us to gather the information we need and respond with a competitive, fair cash offer.

  • Discuss the Details

    Once you've received an offer over the phone, we’ll schedule an on-site appointment to meet with you in person so that we can walk you through all the details. But don't worry—the condition of the house doesn't mean we won't buy it: we buy houses as-is.

    We'll make sure you have one of our expert Settlement Coordinators taking care of your sale. They'll do all the leg-work before meeting with you, so that we can move towards closing the deal as soon as possible. Can't meet in person? Just let us know and we'll look over all the details with you remotely.

  • Your House is Sold

    When you’re ready, we’re ready! Move out when it’s most convenient for you and don’t worry about any mess left behind. We take care of all cleaning and repairs. The only thing you have to focus on is moving forward with your life!

    Trust us, the experience will be so convenient, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us sooner!

Where We Buy Houses

If you would like a quick offer for cash, or if you want to sell your house fast, please fill out the no obligation Sell Your House form.

For more details click on a City below:

21001 / Aberdeen

21009 / Abingdon

21010 / Gunpowder

21014 / Bel Air

21015 / Bel Air

21017 / Belcamp

21018 / Benson

21028 / Churchville

21034 / Darlington

21040 / Edgewood

21047 / Fallston

21050 / Forest Hill

21078 / Havre de Grace

21084 / Jarrettsville

21085 / Joppa

21130 / Perryman

21132 / Pylesville

21154 / Street

21160 / Whiteford

21161 / White Hall

At Easy Outs Homes, we buy properties of all types in Maryland. Are you looking for a Maryland home buyer so you can sell fast and hassle-free? Contact Easy Outs Homes Today!

Homes We Buy

Potential clients often wonder if their home is eligible for our program. Our answer? Yes, yes and yes!  We buy all types of houses in any size and condition.  We buy houses as-is!

  • Size

    Whether it’s a two-bedroom home, three-bedroom, or a condo, we’re interested! We also buy homes with a wide range of square footage or yard space. We buy single family homes, townhouses, and condos.

  • Condition

    Do you have an older home that requires upgrading? Is the garage filled with years’ worth of junk and debris? Are the floors uneven? We’ll still make you an offer!

    We are in the business of buying houses for cash in Harford County and surrounding areas of Maryland. We’ll come to your home to assess the current state of your property and make you a fair cash offer no matter the severity of the renovation needed.

  • Neighborhood

    Is your property located in an older neighborhood? Or an area with a less-than-ideal location? That’s okay! We'll buy it anyways.

    We buy houses throughout Harford County and surrounding areas of Maryland, whether they’re in rural communities, urban centers, or up-and-coming areas that haven’t yet reached their full potential. If you’re unsure if your property qualifies, simply request an offer!

What can House Buyers of America offer you?

  • We buy homes “As Is”.

  • We do not charge any real estate commissions or fees.

  • We can offer you cash for your home.

  • We have fast turnaround when it comes to purchasing your home. 

  • We offer a competitive price for your home.

Best of all, Easy Outs Homes is a reputable company. We are friendly and care about your needs. 

Are You Ready to Sell Your House Fast and Move On?

We want to hear from you. Call today or fill out our online form to receive your competitive, fair cash offer in just a few minutes!

Don't let the house selling process to stress you out

We're a team of Real Estate professionals that helps to get your house sold quickly and lets you move on with your life.

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